24 August 2017
Out Inn Cheshire

The Out Inn CHESHIRE magazine is now available in your local pub or online. Issue 72 was published December 2016

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Our Branch..

Besides Macclesfield, our branch includes Congleton, Holmes Chapel, Knutsford, Wilmslow and surrounding areas. Postcodes covered are CW12, CW4, WA16, SK9, SK10 & SK11 (in Cheshire).

Contact us

Please contact anyone of the committee members below or use the general contact@eastcheshirecamra.org.uk if you are unsure. This goes to everyone on the committee.

Role Name Telephone Email
Chairperson Chris Stairmand 07545 323000 chairman@eastcheshirecamra.org.uk
General   N/A contact@eastcheshirecamra.org.uk
Pubs Officer Pete Farrand 07786 283990 pubsofficer@eastcheshirecamra.org.uk
Membership Dave Hasler 07780 682957 membership@eastcheshirecamra.org.uk
Magazine George Symes 01565 653096 newsletter@eastcheshirecamra.org.uk
Preservation &Heritage Paul Wreglesworth 07776 225289 preservation@eastcheshirecamra.org.uk
Secretary John Barber 01260 277391 secretary@eastcheshirecamra.org.uk
Social secretary Rob Nicholson 07983 524102 social@eastcheshirecamra.org.uk
Treasurer Keith Farman 01625 572460 treasurer@eastcheshirecamra.org.uk
Webmaster Rob Nicholson 01625 530152 webmaster@eastcheshirecamra.org.uk
Committee member Tony Icke   bicke@madasafish.com
Committee member Mike Wawiorko   email@wawiorko.plus.com
Yahoo discussion group

The Yahoo discussion group allows you to keep right up to date with branch news and is an ideal place for you to share news about pubs in our region. To join, sent a blank email to:


You'll receive an email back with instructions on how to join. NOTE: the email will infer you have to create a Yahoo account but you don't. Right at the very bottom is a link just to join the mailing list.

If you already have a Yahoo account, you can sign up at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/mec_camra. You can also open this link to read & compose messages if you have a Yahoo account.

CAMRA members also have access to the national discussion forums at http://camraforum.org.uk as well as the unofficial but lively Facebook page:


Or the rather formal official Facebook page:


Our Branch...
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